June 27, 2023

I'm Forced to Have to Stop Posting for a While

Dear Readers:

For the past month or so an unforeseen financial issue has come up that I tried to remedy, until a greater unforeseen financial issue came up today which is forcing me to have to stop posting for a while until I pay off this debt. Yesterday I owed around $2,000 that I was working hard to pay off, which I have a deadline on by August 1st, and that has been stressful enough because it will have dire consequences for me if I don't pay it, but it is possible with some extra hard work to manage. Today I got news that if I don't pay $3,000 for something else I had no idea about until today by June 30th (3 days from now), I will lose the registration to my car and thus not be able to work to raise the funds. Fortunately a family member is letting me borrow the money I owe by June 30th, but they need the money back by August 1st to pay their own bills, which still leaves me in an almost impossible situation of paying now two unforeseen debts that total around $5000 in about four weeks or so.

As some of you know who help to support this ministry with your financial gifts, since the pandemic started more than three years ago I've only had two fundraisers whereas normally I would have two a year. This is mainly because I am constantly hearing of people having financial issues, and I've left it primarily to those generous supporters who choose to financially support this ministry without me asking to be sufficient, which has made things more difficult for me, but it is what it is.

I'm not really going to start a fundraiser for my current unforeseen situation. But it is forcing me to stop posting anything until I get this issue remedied. My concentration needs to be focused on other things. If what I do for the Mystagogy Resource Center has been beneficial to you and you want my quick return to posting, then please feel free to help me out with a financial gift at the link below. I figured it is only right to give all my readers the opportunity to help me out if they are moved to do so, in order for me to get back to posting as soon as possible. However, don't feel obligated if you don't want to or are unable.

Please be patient as I take this time off. When I stop posting for a few days, which is rare, I get a lot of concerned messages. This update is primarily for people who may be wondering what is going on.

Thank you for your patience.

John Sanidopoulos


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