June 9, 2023

Two Weeping Icons In Mytilene That Drew Thousands of Believers Currently Under Investigation

Crowds of people were flocking every day for about 20 days to the Church of Saint Ephraim of Nea Makri in the neighborhood of Kallithea in Mytilene to venerate the icons of Saint Paraskevi and Saint Ephraim, which are reported to be "weeping" according to the testimonies of those in charge of the church as well as various believers who are eyewitnesses.

According to media reports, during the Divine Liturgy on Pentecost Sunday, the priest was interrupted when he was called by the faithful to explain the phenomenon.

The icon of Saint Ephraim appears to have had a liquid that seems to have run down from the face of the Saint, but it became dry and to see it one must look at the icon from the side where it is clearly visible.

According to the representatives of the Church of Saint Ephraim, the same phenomenon was observed in the Chapel of Saint Paraskevi, about 1 kilometer from the Church of Saint Ephraim, when the icon of Saint Paraskevi inside the sanctuary began to show evidence of it "weeping". Both of these began to "weep" in the same week.

Metropolitan Iakovos of Mytilene then gave the order for the "weeping" icon of Saint Paraskevi to be transferred to the Church of Saint Ephraim, where they could be both be guarded together and offered for veneration by the faithful. The icon of Saint Paraskevi, which shows more regular intervals of liquid streaming, was placed in the sanctuary.

However, due to thousands of believers coming out to venerate the icons, as of June 5th, the Church of Saint Ephraim has closed and will not open until Saturday at 5:45 PM, when it will open for Vespers. The reason given for the closure of the church was that the icons needed to be investigated.

The closure of the church sparked protests from the faithful, so it was reported on June 7th that the church reopened, but the icons have been removed.

People are now complaining how this is being mishandled and is instigating mockery to a possible divine miracle, though some are already complaining that it looks like they were possibly duped.

No statement from the Metropolis has been issued yet.

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