January 18, 2023

Saint Cyril of Alexandria Heals a Paralyzed Girl from Germany

Mrs. Vasiliki from Germany testifies to the following miracle. With prayer and faith, Saint Cyril of Alexandria healed her child from an incurable disease and while she had been paralyzed, she was suddenly able to move her arms and legs normally.

My name is Vasiliki and I live in Germany. Saint Cyril visited my house and my faith became even stronger. About a year ago I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, I baptized her and called her Marina. She was a child full of energy, health and vivacity. But suddenly, when she was eight months old, she became paralyzed.

She could not move her arms or legs and was seized with convulsions. I took her to the hospital, the doctors could not find where she got this incurable disease.

I did not stop burning the lamp of Saint Cyril and on my child's nightstand where I had the icon of the Saint and I begged him day and night for my child. After 7 months I took the icon of the Saint and put it on her. Immediately at this moment she started to move her arms and legs!

The doctors could not explain it and they asked me which Saint he was and what was his name and I told them the whole story of Saint Cyril and the miracle. I praise God because the grace of the Saint made my child well. May the grace of the Holy One cover the whole world.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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