September 11, 2023

Oikos to Saint Euphrosynos the Cook

Oikos to St. Euphrosynos the Cook
You showed yourself to be, an inviolate ascetic, O Euphrosynos the friend of the Creator; having shined with humility and obedience, temperance, nepsis and prayer, as the luminously bright sun, you illuminate the faithful who cry out:

Rejoice, adornment of solitaries;
Rejoice, boast of cooks.
Rejoice, gardener of perfect character;
Rejoice, inheritor of the garden of grace.
Rejoice, apple paired and sweet, delivered sacredly;
Rejoice, lily most beautiful, enjoyed abundantly.
Rejoice, for showing yourself to be a horn of humility;
Rejoice, for you are the divine honor of monastics.
Rejoice, revered vessel of the Spirit;
Rejoice, bright tablet of prudence.
Rejoice, giver of divinely-given delights;
Rejoice, deliverer from arduous distress.
Rejoice, blessed Euphrosynos.

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