September 30, 2023

Testimonies Regarding the Miraculous Discovery of the Sacred Relics of the Holy New Martyr Akylina

Narrative of a Dream of a Pious Woman About the 
Burial Place of the Holy New Martyr Akylina

Ten days after the discovery of the sacred relics of the Holy Great Martyr and Prize-Bearing Kyranna, the following miraculous event happened to me. Saint Kyranna appeared to me in a dream and spoke to me about her friend, Angelina as she called her, and that they are and coexist together.

After a few days I informed His Eminence Metropolitan John of Langada, Liti and Rentini of the dream that Saint Kyranna found me worthy me to see.

During this time, a girl appeared in my dream who told me she was Angelina and urged me to read the Supplicatory Canon of Saint Parthenios, Bishop of Lampsakis, because Nikodemos of Ierissos is being operated on, due to an illness he himself did not know about, stressing at the same time not to look elsewhere to find her, since we know where she is.

Saint Angelina who appeared to me in my dream was young in age, a tall girl with blond hair, of exceptional beauty and she was standing at the outer door that leads to the interior of the Sacred Bema of the Sacred Temple of the All-Great Taxiarches of Ossa. She was telling me how I should measure seven steps from the door near the Sanctuary of the Temple and she pointed out to me a spot where I would stand, exactly opposite, looking at the wall of the Temple and on which there was a sign of the Cross. And the Saint continued saying that there we will find her Bones and continued saying: "Wound to the bones, bitter red water."

Then she showed me under the ground the bones gathered in a fetal position and the skull painted in a bright red color (from the caustic poison that the Turks threw at her).

After that, Saint Angelina told me about her terrible and inhuman martyrdom.

How they had her hanging by the hands and they were beating her with barbed rods and sticks, which they took from a jar that was filled with a red liquid (poison).

They had tied her to an iron torture machine, in which the upper and lower limbs had been tied tightly to sharp pulleys, and the ribs rested on sharp nails that were on this machine. Her clothes and flesh were torn to pieces by the friction. The limbs were cut off at such a point that they hung from the rest of the body. The poison that the Turks threw at her burned her flesh and the pain was unbearable.

Hanging, they beat her and tortured her for endless hours.

From her merciless martyrdom, the earth around her was painted red. You couldn't distinguish anything from the blood on her body.

The body of Saint Akylina was buried at first in a Turkish cemetery in the area and after three days it was secretly transferred to Ὄssa and buried almost next to Saint Kyranna, in the Sacred Temple of the All-Great Taxiarches.

The relics of Saint Akylina after their discovery.
Testimony of a Dream Regarding Saint Kyranna and Saint Angelina

By Protopresbyter Fr. Thomas Fardis,
Vicar of the Sacred Temple of Saint Kyranna in Ossa

I consider as a special blessing of God the fact that I have served as a priest for almost twenty years in the Sacred Temple of Saint Kyranna and especially since the relics of the Saint were discovered.

Accordingly, I want to testify and make known to the faithful people of God what I saw, what I touched and what I smelled, as I felt them, with all sincerity.

When on September 12, 2011, in the old Temple of the Taxiarches in Ossa, the sacred relics of Saint Kyranna were discovered inside the sanctuary of the temple and to the right of the Holy Altar, and the fact was known only to a few people, a faithful Christian woman from Ormylia in Halkidiki, who bears the name of the Saint and for twenty years she visits Ossa as a pious pilgrim, she told me, without knowing that we found the relics of Saint Kyranna, that she saw in her dream Saint Kyranna who told her: "I am not alone here. My friend, Angelina, is also with me."

At first, to be honest, I didn't pay much attention. However, I informed our Eminent Metropolitan, who in turn wondered why she would mention the name Angelina. And the issue remained open.

But that's what we thought... until the moment when in Zagliveri, the village of Saint Akylina, in an old Synekdemos (1864) owned by an old woman, on the date of the feast, September 27, the name Angelina was written instead of Akylina. Thus, the truth of the dream of this faithful pilgrim was confirmed. The effort to discover the relics of Saint Akylina/Angelina now took another turn.

All this, combined with the apparition of Saint Akylina to a lady from Thessaloniki about where exactly she was buried, led to the joyous event of the discovery of the relics of Saint Akylina/Angelina outside the Sanctuary of the Temple of the Taxiarches of Ossa, under a Cross on the wall, i.e. close to the place where the relics of Saint Kyranna had previously been found.

My presence in the two shocking discoveries of the remains of Saint Kyranna and Saint Akylina/Angelina have strengthened my faith and my conviction that the Lord our God lives and "God is wonderful in His Saints."

This testimony of mine and my testimony of what I experienced from the day of the discovery of the relics of Saint Kyranna on September 12, 2011 and now with the discovery of the relics of Saint Akylina/Angelia on February 8, 2012, is even more of a living miracle. I feel the living presence of both female Holy New Martyrs.

Both of these brave women, as compasses of life, show us the way of the good fight of faith and the certainty of our salvation.

Let us pray that the two New Martyrs cover us protectively in all the difficulties of our lives.

Source: From the book Χρονικόν της ευρέσεως των ιερών  λειψάνων της Αγίας ενδόξου νεομάρτυρος Ακυλίνης – Αγγελίνης της εκ Ζαγκλιβερίου καταγομένης. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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