January 22, 2024

Papa-Fotis from Mytilene and Saint Anastasios the Persian

Some afternoons we went to his [Papa-Fotis Lavriotis from Mytilene] Hesychasterion, in Pamfila, before sunset and then we took him by car to the city, and on the way he would do Vespers, and would say the troparia.

One day I realized that he sees Saints and I thought of doing an experiment. I secretly said to myself that I will invoke a Saint, and I will see his reaction.

I began to say: "SAINT ANASTASIOS THE PERSIAN, INTERCEDE FOR US." I said it mentally three times and Father Photios turns to the car window and says:

"Who are you?"

But there was no one, not even a person passing by, since we were on the move, nor could I see anything. Then he turns and says to me:

"You summoned him?"

I said, "Yes!"

He then laughed at my experiment.

Then he said to me: "Silence, okay?"

"May it be blessed, Elder" I said.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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