January 4, 2024

Some Appearances and Miracles of Father Nicholas Pettas After His Death (2 of 6)

...continued from part one.

Testimony of Photini T., a resident of Patras:

At the 12-year Memorial of Elder Nicholas, which took place on the day of his repose* in the Church of Saint John at the Port of Patras, where the priest was his disciple, the distinguished Protopresbyter Antonios Roumeliotis, the following wonderous event took place. I woke up and I was miserable. My vision was blurry and I was struggling with whether I should go to the eye doctor, because I had a lot of pressure in my eyes, or go to the Memorial Service. With great faith I started to go to the temple, where the Service would be held. When I entered the church, in the center there was beautiful kollyva from Mount Athos and the well-known photo of Father Nicholas looking up. Most people see this specific photo painted as an icon, where a halo appears on the head of Father Nicholas. I went close and kissed it and said to him with tears: "My Revered Elder, even though I should have gone for an examination, because I can't see, I came to participate in your Memorial Service. Help me!" And indeed suddenly my eyes were cleansed and healed through the intercessions of the venerable Elder. At the end I proclaimed it with emotion to the priests and the people and they glorified God.


* Father Nicholas reposed on 4 January 2000, which means this would have been in 2012.

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