January 10, 2024

The Canonization of Saint Antipas of Calapodesti

Saint Antipas of Calapodesti (also known as Saint Antipas the Athonite or Saint Antipas the Hesychast or Saint Antipas of Valaam), reposed at Valaam Monastery on January 10, 1882. Having previously been a monk of Mount Athos, those who first honored him as a saint were the Russian monks of the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon, who of their own accord listed his name "Cuviosul ieroschimonah Antipa Atonitul" (Venerable Hieroschemamonk Antipas the Athonite) in the Russian Menaion for the month of January (p. 46) under January 10th. This unofficial canonization took place in 1906, a mere 24 years after his repose. This was done because he had a reputation for holiness among the Athonite Russians, especially because of his miracles which took place among the Athonite monks during his lifetime. Many were still alive who knew of his virtues and holiness and miracles, including his disciples. Furthermore, a disciple of Saint Antipas, Hieromonk Pimen (later archimandrite and abbot of the Pafnutiev Borovsky Monastery), wrote a biography of Saint Antipas in Russian right after his repose and which was first printed in 1883, in Saint Petersburg (and republished ten years later, in the same place). No doubt this publication, which was circulated in Russia and Finland, as well as on Mount Athos, added to Saint Antipas' reputation for holiness spreading.

Father Makarios of Simonopetra, who wrote and published the multi-volume work Synaxarion: The Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church, published in 1988 in Thessaloniki, included a brief biography of Saint Antipas under January 10th, adding to the establishment of his commemoration.

The Romanian Church finally officially canonized him and included him in the calendar of the Orthodox Church on June 20-21, 1992, during the special meetings of the Holy Synod dedicated to the canonization of Romanian saints.

Under Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia, he was included among the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church on July 19, 2000. 

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