March 4, 2024

Saint Gerasimos of Jordan and the Resurrection of a Dead Monk

When he was still alive, Saint Gerasimos of Jordan resurrected a dead man. But how did this great and paradoxical miracle happen? Once a certain monk of his Lavra reposed and the Saint, who was then abbot, did not know about it. When the semantron for his funeral was struck, the Elder also went to the temple. When he saw the body he was sad, because he did not say farewell to him before he passed away. So he went near the coffin and said to the deceased:

"Get up, brother, let us say our farewells."

Then the dead monk resurrected, got up and bid his farewell to Saint Gerasimos. He then said again:

"Sleep now until the Second Coming, then Christ will resurrect you."

Indeed, the monk returned to his deathbed and continued his eternal sleep.

If we think how only Christ raised the dead, together with some apostles and a few saints, we will understand to what height of holiness Gerasimos had reached. 
Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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