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March 27, 2023

The Last Niece of Saint Nikephoros the Leper Has Reposed

The Sacred Metropolis of Kissamos and Selinos sorrowfully announced the death and funeral of Ioanna (Yiannoula) Mandrabazakis, the last living niece of our Venerable Father Nikephoros the Leper, on March 23rd 2023. She was the daughter of the sister of Saint, Smaragdas Nikolakakis, of the Tzanakakis family.

Metropolitan Amphilochios of Kissamos and Selinos noted:

"It is with reverence and emotion that we send off today, on the journey of eternity, our revered eldress Ioanna (Yiannoula) Mandrabazakis, the last living niece of our Holy Father Nikephoros the Leper. Our late sister Yiannoula, as we all knew her, was a graceful and blessed person, with an unfeigned and deep faith in God and a heartfelt devotion to Saint Nikephoruo. Her 'uncle', as she called the Saint, whom she had met and loved through the stories of her late mother, Smaragdas Nikolakakis, of the Tzanakakis family, the sister of Venerable Nikephoros according to the flesh.

The revered eldress Yiannoula was honored to experience the canonization of Saint Nikephoros, the creation of his Sacred Shrine on property that her family donated to our Sacred Metropolis, and the opening of the doors and the consecration of the Sacred Shrine. She rejoiced like a small child in all this spiritual joy of creating the Shrine of our Saint. Her bright face and pure gaze reflected the purity and cleanliness of her soul. She was full of love, kindness, smiles and blessing to everyone. We are grateful and thank her.

Precious is the legacy of her blessing and her deep reverence for the Venerable One, from whose house there was no lack of any Sacred Supplication and Divine Liturgy. A legacy sacred to her children and descendants, but also to all of us. Our emotion is deep that we are sending off a relative of our Saint, with the certainty that the intercessions of her beloved 'uncle', our Holy Father Nikephoros the Leper, will accompany her to the arms and habitations of God's glory."

Here is a news report from the consecration of the Sacred Shrine of Saint Nikephoros, where towards the end Yiannoula speaks and gives a blessing to the people.

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