November 1, 2023

Holy Martyr Theolipti

Saint Theolipti (Feast Day - November 1)

The Holy Martyr Theolipti is mentioned only in Paris Codex 259, f. 2a, where we find the following Sticheron in her honor:

Enriched with the knowledge of the divinely inspired Scriptures and with that sanctity, you explained, chaste one, to people who lived in ignorance, the dispensation of the Word. That is why the lawless crowd and the ungodly tyrant wounded you and handed you over to the guard, you who are eternally guarded by the Holy Spirit. Wherefore, having glorified you with miracles, you were brought into the upper bridal-chamber, and decorated with bright robes, by He who bestows great grace on the world.

It is clear from this troparion that this Holy Martyr was subjected to horrible suffering on behalf of her Christian faith which she taught to those who were not Christians, was thrown into prison by the local authorities and finally received the crown of martyrdom. She seems to have been a source of miracles to the faithful as well. It is assumed she lived during the times of the early Christian persecutions.

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