November 9, 2023

The Dental Visitation of Saint Nektarios to Elder Ambrose Lazaris

Elder Ambrose Lazaris (+ 2006) had a special relationship with Saint Nektarios, who had appeared to him several times.

We know of several cases when the Saint and Father Ambrose communicated.

One night, therefore, the Elder told a young priest, who had been his spiritual child from a layman, to go the next day at noon to Spyrou Merkouri Street, where the Elder lived at the time, to take him to the dentist.

Indeed he went at the time he had notified him, but he heard the Elder say to him:

"There is no need, my child, to go anywhere. Saint Nektarios came, he opened the molar for me, which I had a problem with, and immediately stuck it back for me. I don't need anything. I'm fine now."

Source: From the book Γέρων Αμβρόσιος Λάζαρης, ο πνευματικός της Μονής Δαδίου, Ο επιστήθιος φίλος του αγίου Πορφυρίου. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.

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