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July 10, 2024

Miracles of Saints Parthenios and Evmenios of Koudoumas (3 of 3)

...continued from part two.

Ms. Athena M., a resident of Thessaloniki, recounts:

I had a big problem with my feet, which were excessively swollen. I was at the Sacred Monastery of Koudoumas with my late husband S. for a few days of pilgrimage. One evening there was a vigil which we attended. I sat on one of the stalls of the sacred temple in front of which was the icon of the Venerable Fathers. Then with complaint and tears I turned to the saints asking them to help me in this problem. I then see Saint Evmenios who comes out of the icon, goes to the candle counter, takes a candle and he comes to me. I then with many tears face the icon of the saints, on which there was now only one figure, that of Saint Parthenios.

Saint Evmenios then brings me the candle and tells me: "Light it and everything will be fine," and at the same time I see him again heading towards his icon.

After what happened to me and which really shocked me, I praise God who always hastens to every soul that asks for His help in pain. I always hope in the intercessions of the Venerable Fathers Parthenios and Evmenios.

Ms. Maria K., a resident of Nicosia in Cyprus, recounts:

One night returning home tired, I got ready and lay down to sleep. I then saw that there was a brilliantly dressed woman near me who led me to a mountain. To my question about where she is taking me, she answered me: "To my house in Koudoumas, to the Venerable Fathers Parthenios and Evmenios." We went up and down the mountain which had several dangerous bends and we saw the monastery from a distance. There I woke up with the agony of wondering what that dream was about, where Koudoumas was and who the Venerable Fathers are, of whom I never had heard or known anything?

In the following days, by divine economy, I talked on the phone with a spiritual brother I know from Crete, to whom I also mentioned the related dream, asking if he knew about that monastery called Koudoumas.

He laughed a little and answered me: "Come as soon as possible to Crete and I will lead you there." Indeed, when I came to Crete on May 6, 2010, and we started to climb the mountain called Kofinas, I immediately recognized the place to which the Panagia herself had led me that night in my dream. I thank from the bottom of my heart our Theotokos the merciful of Kykkos, and the venerables in whose home I came to worship today.

Mr. Heraklis K., a resident of Heraklion Prefecture of Halicarnassus, recounts:

I had some annoying pimples on a sensitive part of my body that had been bothering me for a long time. Immersed in the daily struggle for survival, I neglected to go to the doctor. Because these pimples were annoying, I would touch them, causing them to become infected and develop into a a very dangerous form of cancer as the doctor told me when I had to be hospitalized.
Then in my dream appeared the Panagia of Koudoumas and the Venerable Fathers about whom I had heard a lot but had never visited. I then gave orders to all my relatives to visit the monastery and worship. The fathers gave my relatives some oil from the lamp of the saints and some icon.

When my family returned, I anointed the infected spot with the oil and they told me about the pilgrimage. The next day everything had changed. The cancerous mark on my body had disappeared. We all now tell wherever we may be of the great miracle of the Panagia and the Venerable Fathers.

Mrs. Kas. K. a resident of Boeotia, recounts:

A few years ago, the abbot of the Monastery of Koudoumas went, after an invitation, with the relics of the saints, to a village of the Metropolis for veneration. There, a small icon of the Venerable Fathers Parthenios and Evmenios was given as a blessing to the pilgrims.

I took the icon and I placed it in a corner with many other icons. Time passed and my son presented a cardiac problem that required immediate surgery. My son's family didn't inform me so I wouldn't worry.

The night before the operation I saw in my dream that two monks came to the house. At that time, the lamp that I had lit earlier started to go out. One of the two monks immediately went to it, poured in oil and with a spoon lifted the wick high into the glass and then the lamp lit again.

The second monk took in his hands a white candle of the resurrection that was right next to the lamp and gave it to me. I refused with some hesitation at first, but after the monk's advice I took it in my hands and then it lit up miraculously.

The next morning I was informed by my son's wife about the operation, which was ultimately successful despite the great difficulty it presented. But also my grandson (the son of the man who performed the operation) who had been poisoned the same day was urgently taken to the hospital in a difficult condition. With the grace of God and the intercession of the Venerable Fathers, both cases went very well.

On the same day I went to light the lamp of my house as always. Then I noticed that right next to it there was an icon. I took it in my hands and immediately recognized the two monks I had seen in my dream. Saints Parthenios and Evmenios were the founders of Koudoumas. My heart was filled with great joy and gratitude for the double miracle of son and grandson that God performed and revealed in my unworthiness.

Mrs. IR. K., a resident of As in Heraklion of Crete, recounts:

One Monday morning, our son M. developed a high fever and was admitted to the University Hospital of Heraklion. The doctors reported that he had encephalitis and he was rushed to the intensive care unit because his condition was dangerous. Our son remained for a month in intensive care, during which we hastened to every temple and prayed to every saint we knew.

In the end, we took refuge in the Monastery of Koudoumas, our great help and consolation. We arrived there almost every day and offered our great pain to our Panagia and the Venerable Fathers. The abbot arrived at the hospital and blessed our son with the relics of the holy fathers, and from the same day showed that his condition was changing. After a few days he was taken out of the intensive care unit and he remained in the hospital for another month, moving around in a wheelchair.
When we left the hospital, our first concern was to go to the Koudoumas Monastery so that our son could venerate.
We arrived at the monastery and took our son to the temple to venerate the Panagia and the Venerable Fathers, his condition was still very difficult, the doctors had said that it would take some time for the child to recover.
But the miracle happened incredibly faster. On the third day, M. walked. The doctors were speechless when they saw M.
Today, with the grace of our Panagia of Koudoumas and the help of our Venerbale Fathers, M. is well and has a happy family. GLORY TO GOD!"

Concerning Mrs. E. K., the following is recounted:

Mrs. E. K. from Koufalia Kilkis had been married for 12 years and had not had any children. She once came to Crete with her husband to visit a family of friends. This family of friends urged them to go to the Monastery of Koudoumas to venerate and pray to the Panagia and the Venerable Fathers and to have the conviction that everything will go well with this serious problem that has been preoccupying them here for years.
The doctors they had visited in recent years had all ruled out the possibility of having a child. And yet the prayers of those pious people who came from Kilkis to Koudoumas had wonderful results. Today, Mr. S. and Mrs. E. have a happy little girl, Maria, who they baptized at the Koudoumas Monastery.


The miracles of Saints Parthenios and Evmenios do not stop here. There are many letters and phone calls that reach the monastery every day and report miraculous interventions of the Saints. How many, however, are the others, the unwritten ones, which are daily noted in the souls of the anonymous pious pilgrims and all those who with the fervor of faith call upon their quick intercession! The Venerable Fathers were found worthy to work miracles while they were alive, but also after their venerable repose.
We have the certainty, my beloved, that we are under the protection of the miraculous Saints, who bend down and give an ear to our prayers and do not abandon us in the difficulties of our lives.

We always ask for immediate protection by saying:

"Saints Parthenios and Evmenios, intercede for us sinners. Amen!"

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.
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