July 22, 2023

Holy Martyr Markella of Chios (St. Justin Popovich)

Commemoration of the Holy Martyr Markella

July 22

By St. Justin Popovich

It is not even known where Saint Markella is from or where she suffered, because no historical data has been preserved. But in ancient times, the inhabitants of the island of Chios built her a church, and this Saint enjoys immense respect on the island of Chios. Miracles happen every day in her church. According to legend, Markella was an unusually pious girl who lost her mother at an early age. Her heathen and beastly father wanted to live with his daughter as a wife. Markella ran away from her father. But he, enraged like a true beast, caught up with her and cut her into pieces.

Near the Church of Saint Markella in Chios, there are some stones that are covered with blood to this day. The people take those stones, bring them to the church, pray to Saint Markella, then put them on the sick, who are healed from it.

From Lives of the Saints for July. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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