July 8, 2023

The Tomb of Saint Prokopios of Caesarea

Saint Prokopios was from Caesarea of Palestine and lived during the reign of Diocletian around 303 AD. He served as a Duke in Alexandria, a former persecutor of Christians, who was called to Christ by a vision of a crystal Cross and a voice saying: “I am the crucified Jesus, the Son of God.” Accepting the calling, he began preaching Christ and was denounced by his own mother Theodosia. Through his preaching though, his mother and many others believed in Christ. He was imprisoned and tortured, confessed Christ until the end and for Him he was beheaded.

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem commemorates Saint Prokopios annually at the Holy Monastery of Saint Modestos, on the hill of Abu Tor, opposite the hill of Holy Zion in south new Jerusalem. It is at this location where there is a chapel dedicated to Saint Prokopios as well as his tomb. In the same area can also be found the tomb of Saint Modestos the Patriarch of Jerusalem.


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