July 7, 2023

Saint Kyriaki and the Widow Who Lost Everything

 By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

"Tell me, sister Marina, something from the people. You have traveled a lot, learned many destinies of people and understood the paths of Providence."

Sister Marina thought about it, and after a long hesitation and speaking as if she knew nothing, that she was unworthy, and so on, she narrated the following:

"In the village of Izdeglavlje, I spent the night with a widow. That widow told me how once a pestilence struck her house and in four days she carried seven dead people out of the house. Among the dead was her husband, several sons and other family members. It was with great difficulty that she could prepare everything for the funeral as it should be. When all seven were buried, she was left with three small children. Then her neighbors and relatives come and advise her to move out of that house and into a hut, because there is a curse on the house. But what hut was there to move in to? 
In great confusion as to what to do, one night when the children were asleep, she prayed to God for a long time for advice, then she went to bed and slept. Saint Kyriaki appeared to her in a dream, and she caressed her and told her that she would protect her and that everything would go well for her right away. Thus informed and encouraged, she remained at home. And indeed, everything went well and progressed that year. She took in 50 napoleons for grain. With that money, she bought a field from the Turks. Her sheep multiplied. The fruits bore fruit. The orchard bore a great harvest. This was repeated in the following years. She raised the children and guided them on the right path. She married off the two boys and her daughter. One of her sons is now a leader in the village. A wonderful example of God's care for those who fear Him!"

- From the book Emmanuel. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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