May 2, 2023

Chapel of Saint Matrona of Moscow in Paphos, Cyprus

Saint Matrona is considered one of the greatest Saints in Russia. She lived from 1881 and passed away in 1952. Having been blind and destitute from birth, she was also persecuted by the then Soviet regime, who saw her spiritual gifts as a threat. Despite all this, she was found worthy by God to do many wondrous things due to her great virtue, especially her patience and the support and love she showed towards others.

In Paphos, Cyprus there is a chapel dedicated to Saint Matrona, located in a panoramic location in the area of Toxeftra in Peyia. It was built in return for a vow made by two young people, Maria Aeriniotis and Andreas Athanasiadis, after their recovery from an illness, thanks to the Saint. They also had the support of Metropolitan George of Paphos, since the space for the construction of the church was granted by him.

Maria Aeriniotis, 28 years old when the chapel was built, is a civil engineer, who had a health problem after being diagnosed with leukemia and who was cured, had long expressed her desire to build the chapel. "We struggled," she said, "but we succeeded and fulfilled our dream."

Andreas Athanasiadis, who also faced a health problem in his life, met Maria after her diagnosis at the Hospital.

The two young adults made it their goal to build the chapel, and they succeeded.

Fortunately, Andreas said, "with God's help we succeeded and built the chapel. Today the consecration of the church took place."

Panikos Aeriniotis, Maria's father, thanked his fellow Cypriots who supported the effort but also the rest of the believers who, either with support or manual labor - as he said - contributed to this effort.

Mr. Aeriniotis expressed his emotion, noting that the faith of the two young adults contributed to the construction of the Chapel of Saint Matrona, next to a location that can well be described as paradise on earth.

It is worth mentioning that Maria Aeriniotis learned about the existence of the Saint when a spiritual father visited her in the Hospital where she was being treated in England and gave her an icon of the Saint.

The consecration of the chapel took place on April 24, 2015. The annual celebration takes place on May 2nd.

The chapel is visited daily by thousands of believers from all regions of Cyprus, to pray for the grace of Saint Matrona who, according to testimonies, performs many miracles, healing many people suffering from various diseases.



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