May 24, 2023

Papa-Fotis the Fool for Christ Sends Paschal Greetings from Paradise

Christ is Risen from Paradise!
Father N. is a simple Levite and above all one who is in dire straights, with many personal problems, but he was a dear friend of Papa-Fotis Lavriotis the Fool for Christ. Many times when he saw him, Papa-Fotis teased him, because Father N. is a very simple soul, pure, childlike I would say... and Papa-Fotis found comfort in such souls!

This year (2020) he received an order from the Bishop to officiate on Bright Tuesday in a church in another village, as he did. On his way home, he had to pass by the cemetery where Papa-Fotis is buried, and he was thinking about it.

When he got very close, he saw Papa-Fotis standing in front of him, dressed in a white priestly garb, and very radiantly smiling and greeting him!

Father N., as he is a simple and sincere soul, got scared, as he shyly admits, and stepped on the gas of the car!

Moving further down, to a small church where Papa-Fotis used to go and officiate, he saw Papa-Fotis alive again in that bright priestly garb greeting him joyful and bright! Father N. believed it was his imagination, and for fear of being teased, he didn't say anything.

At night as he fell asleep, he saw Papa-Fotis again in his sleep, telling him teasingly:

"What were you afraid of, blessed one? It was me and I wanted to wish you Christ is Risen and greet you! Why didn't you stop?"

This was the happiest… the most grace-filled… the most resurrectional Christ is Risen!

"Think about it," said Father N. "I was told that Christ is Risen from Paradise!" 
He shed tears of Resurrection Joy and loving nostalgia for his beloved Papa-Fotis, who always supported him in his difficulties.

May we have the blessing of the holy papouli!

Christ is Risen! ... from Paradise!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos. 

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