April 27, 2023

Holy New Martyr Noultsos of Kastoria and Those With Him (+ 1696)

St. Noultsos of Kastoria (Feast Day - April 27)

Noultsos, a faithful Christian about whom we do not have much information, lived in the 17th century and was from Kastoria.

According to a codex at the Metropolis of Kastoria written by the hand of Metropolitan Dionysios Mantoukas of Kastoria (1694-1719), who was from Moschopolis in Northern Epirus: "In 1696, April 21, Noultsos with his brother and his son-in-law were hanged, and it was a great kindness to the Christians to see him on the gallows, and they glorified God on the second day because their end was in great glory, and in this way may God grant many such Christians as Noultsos to receive glory."

In other words, with the martyrdom of Noultsos for his Christian faith and those with him, it seems executions of Christians ceased by the Turks, hence why it is said "it was a great kindness." The Christians did not view his martyrdom as a threat nor with a disposition of fear and despair, but it strengthened their faith and they glorified God and it inspired others to follow his example.

The gallows were erected in the large square of the marketplace, in the place where the produce store of Tsolakis used to be in the 1920's and 1930's. It is unknown what happened with his remains.

The name Noultsos until recently was interpreted as Naum, a common name among the Kastorians. In recent years, however, it has been considered by linguists that it is more likely to come from the name Ioannis (John), an opinion that must be put under further investigation.

In recent years he has been honored together with his entourage among the Kastorian New Martyrs. His official canonization by the Ecumenical Patriarchate took place on February 14, 2020, where the date of his Martyrdom is stated as April 27, 1696.


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