April 1, 2023

Prayer of Saint Bessarion of Agathonos to Saint Mary of Egypt

 By Saint Bessarion of Agathonos
Mary of Christ, Egyptian
Protector of sinners
of repentance and salvation
you are a true example.

Accept the prayer made to You
by one more sinner
full of passions and vices
obscenities and selfishness.

Sin distresses me
it won't let me get up
and to my Christ immediately go
with mercy, grace to be clothed.

That's why my gaze towards You
I have turned and I'm asking You
for this favor to do for me
to Christ entreat for me.

You who journeyed on this path
the desolate and dark,
You who tasted every passion
when still from Christ were afar.

You alone, You know
the rebuke and evil
which sin causes
to the Prodigal and sinner.

That's why Your gaze always
You have fixed carefully
to every victim of sin
who looks at You imploringly.

Say a prayer to our God
to our Jesus the Redeemer
to the Theotokos and Panagia
Ah! ask her for a favor.

To accept me in her arms
the Prodigal and sinner
and give me His mercy
His grace, be my purifier.

Prayer of a sinner
Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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