April 2, 2023

Saint Savvas of Kalymnos and the Oil Lamp That Remained Burning for 18 Years

The folowing was narrated by Eldress Philothei, Abbess of the Sacred Monastery of All Saints in Kalymnos:

The foundations of the church of the Monastery of the Holy Archangels were laid. Saint Savvas had established it in the name of the Archangels. The Bishop came to lay the foundation and told us that he would establish the church in the name of Saint John Chrysostom.

I resisted, because Saint Savvas had laid its foundations in the name of the Holy Archangels.

We sisters took to prayer, that the Saint would show us what to do.

One evening he presented himself again with the same priests I had seen before. He arrived at his grave. As soon as I saw them I said:

"My Father Savvas, since God brought you, solve the issue for us. What should be done?"

"Eh! my child, all is well and blessed. Obey, obey, obey," he said, then he blessed the church three times with the sign of the cross and I lost him.

The Bishop came and I gave him permission and he made it for Chrysostom. When we broke the foundation, we found the oil lamp that the Saint had lit. We were amazed, because the oil lamp was lit for 18 whole years!

The oil lamp of the Holy Archangels was placed by Saint Savvas himself 18 years ago and now the same craftsman who worked with Saint Savvas found the oil lamp lit. Now we have put the other oil lamp for Saint John Chrysostom. The name of the craftsman is Michael Tserkakis.

Source: Excerpt from the book Άγιος Σάββας ο εν Καλύμνω, published by the Sacred Monastery of All Saints in Kalymnos. Translation by John Sanidopoulos.

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